About Orca

Orca is one of South Africa’s oldest tank container management companies. The company has been involved in leasing tank containers internationally since it’s founding in 1985. Initially the company managed a fleet of tank containers owned by the shareholder, but in 1991 the investment was offered to external investors.

Jonathan Mylrea, the Managing Director of Orca, is a mechanical engineer with extensive experience in the industry. He was the Production Director of Consani Engineering, at the time the world’s largest manufacturer of tank containers, from 1988 to 1992.

On leaving Consani to manage his family’s business interests, Jonathan recognised the opportunity of investing in tank containers and, after researching the international tank container leasing industry, decided to invest a substantial portion of the family’s assets in tank containers.

In 1994 an opportunity arose to acquire Orca, and Jonathan purchased the entire share capital of the company. Starting with a small fleet of 44 investor-owned tank containers, Orca’s fleet has grown to a total of 1350 tank containers in 2014. The Mylrea family business interests own the majority of these tank containers.

Orca is focused on the management of tank containers, from specifying and procuring them to leasing them in the international transportation marketplace. Various financial intermediaries do the marketing of the investment product to South African investors.