How does the investment work?

An investor can purchase one or more tank containers through Orca Container Asset Management. Orca enters into a management contract with the investor, undertaking to manage the leasing of the tank container on their behalf. Orca places the tank containers with international lease managers. These managers are contracted to maximise the rental income from the container. They also manage its maintenance and ensure that it is suitably insured against damage and loss during the term of the contract.

The investor’s revenue is not dependent on the lease status of an individual tank. Instead, a number of tank containers are grouped in a pool. The income earned by all of the containers in the pool is aggregated and each investor is paid out in proportion to their participation. This ensures a steady cash flow, regardless of whether the individual container is on lease or not.

The income is paid quarterly in arrears, into the investor’s local or offshore bank account. Each investor receives a quarterly statement detailing their share in the payout. The quarterly payout is audited by external auditors.