Investment overview


Orca does not currently have tank containers in stock and is thus not open for new investments at the moment.

This investment is only available to residents of The Republic of South Africa

Purchasing a tank container provides a way of investing South African Rands directly into the global market and earning revenue in US Dollars.

What are Tank Containers?

Tank containers are stainless steel pressure vessels designed to move liquids in bulk. Their high-tech construction, efficiency and ecological security have made them the preferred vessel for transporting liquids, from food products to chemicals. Tank containers are therefore an integral part of a growing international transport industry.

A Tank Container being loaded from a truck to a ship

Rands into Dollars

The investment does not form part of the foreign exchange allowance permitted by the Reserve Bank, and there is no restriction on the amount of Rands that can be invested by an individual, company or trust. The revenue earned by the tank container is paid in US dollars, which the individual investor may elect to deposit in an offshore bank account. Companies and Trusts are required to repatriat the income in rands. The investment may be financed in Rands, and the finance cost paid in Rands. This investment in a growing international market is an excellent diversification tool for an investor seeking to hedge a portfolio against the uncertain South African economic climate and a future depreciation in the value of the Rand.

Tax Efficiency

The finance costs may be set off against revenue for tax purposes, and the South African Revenue Service allows the capital value of the asset to be depreciated over a period of ten years. The depreciation allowance and finance costs may be set off against any tank container income in the hands of the investor. This makes the investment both tax efficient and a useful tool for retirement planning.


  • Purchasing a tank container is an investment in a secure and growing international industry.
  • The tank container is purchased and financed with South African rands, and earns revenue in US dollars.
  • The income can be deposited in an offshore bank account or offshore investment.
  • The investment is extremely tax efficient
  • It is approved by the South African Reserve Bank and the South Arican Revenue Service.
  • Orca has a long history of excellent returns